Indigenous Early Care and Education Understandings and Perspectives

The World Forum Indigenous Peoples Action Group has created a draft document for the purpose of introducing, “a set of understandings for individuals and programs to consider in the delivery of services for young Indigenous children.

It also offers and opportunity for educators to consider when planning curriculum and experiences for all children, to respectfully teach about Indigenous cultures. These understandings privilege Indigenous people, their cultures and their knowledge(s). This does not, however, exclude other principles of children’s development or developmentally appropriate practices of early childhood development, learning and care, but enhances our effectiveness to promote children’s optimal development.”

We are requesting review of this document, and welcome feedback and commentary. ITCN Executive Director, Deserea Quintana, is a participant with the World Forum Indigenous Peoples Action Group, and all responses, recommendations for or against changes to this document, can be emailed to

To review the IPAG Principles, please click here.

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