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109 Fun Spring Break Activities for Children {boredom busters}

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Activities for children which are fun things to do during spring break.  These boredom busters include crafts, games, printables for kids, coloring pages , outdoor and indoor activities, as well as educational activities.  No need for your kids to be bored during Spring break.  Go through this list of fun things to do that are guaranteed to keep them busy the whole week spring break activitiesSpring break is around the corner and it’s time to start planning some fun boredom busters and crafts to do together!  Therefore, I created a mega list of kid crafts, sewn activities, and boredom busters all complete with pictures tutorials.  Happy playing!

Activities for Children

Activities for Children

1.  Cardboard Airplane ~ While Spring is hopefully just around the corner, if your kids are starting to go stir crazy, this indoor activity is sure to score you coolest mom of the year award! You’ll need a large diaper box and a flying ace!Activities for Kids

2.  I’m Bored Jar of Activities {Keeping Kids Busy} ~ While this jar was created for the long summer break, it might also be a great idea to have around during the holiday break as well! With this great tutorial you’ll learn how to create a cute little jar filled with great activities to keep the kiddos busy! She even includes a printable of all the activities so all you have to do is cut them out.

Activities for Children


3.  Treasure Dig {Indoor Kids Activities} ~ Sprint fever has officially hit, but since the winter weather is still here for a little longer, this indoor activity is perfect! Kids of all ages will love this treasure dig, depending on the age you can hide different things. All you need is sad, brushes and things from around your house to hide!Origami Cranes4. How to Make a Paper Crane ~ This pictured step-by-step tutorial will teach you and your child how to fold a paper crane.  You don’t have to have origami paper to get started. {wink}

Spring Break Painting and Art

Painting and art activities with full pictured tutorials so you can do them at home easily.Spring Bring Painting

5. Paper Plate Fish Craft {Kids Craft Projects} ~ This art project is easy to set up for and super fun for your kids to make! Goes perfectly with the book “Ten Little Fish.” An educational yet fun activity perfect for preschool aged children!Crayola Craft

6.  Craft Table Centerpiece {Art} ~ While this crayon centerpiece would be perfect for a art themed party, it could also be a great idea for your kids craft table to store all their supplies. An easy and inexpensive idea that looks fabulous! All you need is a glass or clear plastic bowl a box of crayons and your glue gun!Preschool Art Activities

7.  Kool-Aid Painting ~ Let your little creative geniuses paint their picasso’s with warm water and Kool-Aid!  How fun is that?!Art and Painting Crafts8.  Mess-Free Abstract Art {Artwork} ~ Here is a great idea for adults, but also for kids! Instead of giving them a tray of paints that tend to end up other places than just the canvas, just put blobs of paint right onto the canvas! This method teaches the concept of abstract art all while hopefully keeping the mess to a minimum!

Fun Things To Do Outside

How to make fun and engaging outdoor activities for Spring Break, Summer, or any day of play.

Outdoor Activities

9.  Fun Outdoor Photo Scavenger Hunt ~ let them flex their scientific muscles on a fun outdoor scavenger hunt adventure! Children love to explore the world around them, and this activity is one that will delight kiddos of all ages.Outdoor Play

10.  Make Your Own Dinosaur {School age} ~ This fun school age project involves making your own dinosaur “fossils” with small toys and Plaster of Paris. Once your fossils are made and dry, bury them in the backyard for the kids to find, excavate and break apart. This is a great project to get kids outdoors having fun.

Agility Tire Jump Game

11.  Agility Tire Jump Game ~ Duct-tape six rings to one another, then tape them to thicker (3 1.How to Make a Wicket Game

12.  How to Make a Wicket Game ~ Use a hammer to pound two chopsticks or 1/4-inch dowels (cut to 10 to 12 inches long) halfway into the ground about 30 to 40 inches apart, depending on how tall you want your wickets. Slide a hollow pool noodle in place.Bubble Recipe

13.  How to Make Bubbles {recipe} ~ Make your own rockin’ bubbles with this easy and inexpensive recipe.  You probably already have all of the ingredients in your kitchen.  {wink}  Your children will have endless fun chasing and popping bubbles!

Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Rainy Day Activities for Kids

14.  41 How to Make Hair Bows {Babies, Teens, and You!} ~ How to make hair bows and hair accessories that are beautiful and easy to make!  These pictured hair bow tutorials teach you how to make DIY hair ribbonsbaby bows, cheerleading bows for your hair, hair clips, and crochet hair bows.DIY Indoor Hopscotch Mat {No-Sew}

15.  DIY Indoor Hopscotch Mat {No-Sew} ~ Create this indoor Hopscotch Mat using felt and a glue gun – no sewing required!  Perfect for when outdoor weather doesn’t cooperate.  Makes a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift.

How To-Make a Doorway Puppet Theater

16.  How To-Make a Doorway Puppet Theater ~ This home theater will make kids want to trade Saturday-morning cartoons for sock puppets.  Any doorway becomes center stage with this playful project. Here’s how to get the show on the road.Rainy Day Activities

17.  7 Playdough Recipes To Make for Kids {Kids Activities} ~ It is getting cold outside here in Texas.  {{brrr}}  Which makes fun indoor play ideas an essential tool for mom’s with preschoolers.  Therefore, today I’ve found 7 playdough recipes to make for kids activities!  Yep, hopefully this will brighten your cold winter day and promote some fun mommy-kiddo bonding time at the table.

Spring Crafts for Children

Spring Crafts for Children

18.  Kissing Critter Birdhouse ~ This little birdhouse has a variety of uses, especially with Easter coming up. You could take one to a new neighbor, have the kids make them as a party craft, or fill them with treats and give as favors.Spring Crafts19.  Pine Cone Bird Treat ~ Make your own bird feeder with a pinecone, bird seed and crisco.Spring Crafts

20.  Terrarium tutorial ~ Here is a great tutorial on how to make  woodland-themed moss terrariums with pictured instructions.Spring Crafts

21.  Cupcake Liner Poppies ~ Using cupcake liners is a fun and creative way to make poppies.  Let your children paint them and then layer them for a dimensional flower.

ABC Kids Activities

How to make educational toys for your children.ABC Kids Activities

22.  25 Ways to Use Magnetic Letters at Home {free printable} ~ Preschool and Kindergarten readiness has never been more easy than using magnetic letters to help with letter and word recognition.  Use this free printable 25 Ways to Use Magnetic Letters at Home guide to help your children learn with magnetic letters.   Some of the fun activities include making food words, alphabet train, rhyming pairs, letter in the circle, magazine match and more!ABC Activities

23.  Free Printable Alphabet Cards ~ Looking for some free printable alphabet cards?  Here are darling alphabet lettersthat you can print out as well as 25 ways to use them with your kids!

ABC Letters

24.  Four Tips for Teaching Letters {Preschool Lessons} ~ Teaching letters is the foundation for reading, but can be a challenge. This post goes over four tricks of the trade, this mom has discovered to be effective! From ideas on consistency to ideas on making it fun.

Math Games

Math Games

25.  DIY Number Learning Board Game ~ Use number stamps (or stickers) and some little toys from your kids’ toy box to make a simple, but FUN, Number Learning Board Game. Great for preschoolers working on number recognition and counting!

26.  Make Shopping Fun for Kids {Printable Games} ~ Prevent feet-dragging and whining while grocery shopping/running errands with these free printable games for your kids. I Spy These Objects game, a Price Hunt Math game, and a Color Hunt game. Ages 3-8.

Reading Activities for Kids

Phonics and Reading activities to help teach kids how to read and with their speech.Reading Activity

27.  Reading Punch Card ~ Using a punch card just may help motivate the kids and make reading homework a little easier. You can choose whether they get a punch for a book read, or for a certain amount of time completed. I wouldn’t even mind using one myself as a bookmark to help me keep track of the progress of my reading list.Reading Activities

28.  Brown Bear Printable Activities {Free Printable Kindergarten Worksheets} ~ If you love reading the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? By Eric Carle to your little one, than you want to check out these fun free printable activities for your kids.  There is a matching game with all of the characters from the story, a coloring book, alphabet flip cards, a sequencing activity, and more.

Nutrition Activities for Kids

Nutrition resources for parents and grandparents of children looking to maintain a healthier diet.Nutrition Activity

29.  Choosing a Healthy Plate ~ Help your child choose a healthy plate with this fun activity.  Children get to color their pictures and then place the food choices on the plate according to the food pyramid.Nutrition Activity

30.  Balanced Meal Match ~ Make some simple  food with felt and turn it into a color matching game.

Nutrition Activities

31.  Tricks On Getting Kids to Eat Healthy {Dietary} ~ We mom’s know there is a lot of mommy guilt that happens over the eating habits of our kids! This is a great post with lots of ideas of ways to get them to not only eat better but enjoy it!  And, they will have fun helping you. She even includes some yummy, healthy recipes!Nutrition Activity

32.  Make a Colorful Vegetable Collage ~ Kids will have fun cutting and pasting pictures of food to make a vegetable collage.

Worksheets for Kids

Spring Worksheets

33.  12 Printable Word Search Worksheets ~ How to make printable word search worksheets.  These printable word searches include Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, Mother’s Day, Fourth of July, Christmas, baby shower, animals, sight words and a Spring word search.Worksheet

34.  Pond Themed Preschool Activity Pack {Printable Worksheets for Kids} ~ This fun pond themed activity pack is full of puzzles and worksheets for preschool aged kids.  Lots of practice drawing shapes, counting frogs, and matching colors with these free printables.

Printable Activities for Kids

Coloring Sheets35.  Dry Erase Learning Mats ~ Here is a fun way for your preschooler to learn! After laminating these awesome printables, all you’ll need are some dry erase markers. Hours of educational fun that can be used over and over!Printable Activities36.  Fairy Tale Paper Doll Printable {Free Printable} ~ Let your little one’s imagination soar with this adorable free printable paper doll set. The spent hours changing outfits as their little paper dolls play together.

Sewing Tutorials

Tea Party

37.  Portable Tea Party ~ This adorable portable tea linen party set is complete with placemats, napkins and a tablecloth. The whole thing is reversible.  And the best part?  The tablecloth gathers up into a tidy little bag to contain all those tiny cups and treats and spoons.Fine Motor Skills

38.  Simple Kids Sewing {Easy Craft} ~ Keep little fingers busy while practicing fine motor skills with this easy craft Simple Kids Sewing. Kids will love to sew their own projects, plus you can create any shape project using cardboard or plastic canvas.Sewing

39.  Tot Sewing ~ Work on your child’s fine motor skills with this quick and easy DIY “sewing” kit that can be adjusted for any age level. All you need are a few inexpensive materials to make it.

Felt Toys

How to make homemade toys with pictured patterns and DIY ideas.

40.  Felt Toy Truck ~ I LOVE the idea of a softie to accompany a book as gift.  See pictured instructions on how to make this adorable felt truck and give it with a matching book for a one-of-a-kind gift.Felt Toys

41.  Felt Car Play Mat ~ A felt car play mat that folds up into a little house – perfect for carrying your cars around or for storing the toys when not in use. Little boys will get endless fun driving their matchbox cars around the little town!doctor bag

42.  Doctor Bag ~  Isn’t this flannel doctor bag fabulous?  Your little guy can done his white coat and get to work healing the sick with his flannel “tool kit”.Felt Food Patterns

43.  Felt Cookies With Frosting ~ If you have a little baker in your life, they are sure to love this gifts for children. This homemade set includes felt cut out cookies kids can roll out, cut out, bake, and frost all on their own!

Imaginary Play

Pretend play and activities that encourage your child’s imagination.Superhero cape

44.  How to Sew a Cape ~ This is an easy, fun project that any little super hero would love!

45.  Hobby Horse Tutorial ~ Making a hobby horse to give as a gift for your little buckaroo is simple. Little ones will be so excited to see this little horse propped up with a cowboy hat and scarf.

How to make a Pretend and Play Restaurant Set

46.  Pretend and Play Restaurant Set: Today’s Special Board ~ Spray paint chalkboard paint onto a canvas and then embellish this darling “today’s special board’ to use when playing restaurant.  The other pieces of the restaurant set are chef’s hat, apron, oven mitts/pot holders, waitress/waiter apron, ordering pad.Imaginary Play

47.  32 Things to Make Using A Cardboard Box {DIY} ~ I’ve made several fun toys and activities for kids using cardboard but nothing like these amazing projects.  You’ll be blown away by these 32 things to make using a cardboard box.  They are DIY activities, games, and imagination building props to encourage your child to play for hours.

Dress Ups

Dress Up

48.  The Princess Apron Tutorial ~ The idea for this project came out of sheer frustration with the flimsy store-bought princess dresses.  These aprons are easy on, easy off.  Perfect for quick changes and bathroom breaks.  I created a tutorial for the basic apron that can be used to make 6 different princess aprons. It includes step by step photo instructions and a PDF printable of the cutting measurements and apron applique patterns.Dress Up

49.  DIY Lace Crowns {how-to} ~ Make your own crows with lace! Perfect for a kid’s party, prop or even just for fun! All you need is lace, fabric stiffener, glitter and some fabric flowers.Simple Cowboy & Cowgirl Costume Pattern

50.  Simple Cowboy & Cowgirl Costume Pattern ~ Even a  novice with a sewing machine can sew these simple costumes in just a few hours time!king crown

51.  King ~ This pattern for a Wise Man crown is fabulous because you can use it to make a crown for royalty and really, who doesn’t want to be a king or prince?  I love that you can absolutely customize the shapes and colors.  {{score}}magician cuffs

52.  Magician Cuffs ~ I just fell in love with these cuffs when I saw them and thought they’d make the perfect cuffs for a magician.  Wouldn’t it be cute to make a cape with these cuffs for a magician costume?

Kid Activities using Craft Supplies

Kids Activities Using Craft Supplies

53.  33 Crafty Things To Make With Clothespins {easy!} ~ Crafty things to make out of clothespins make for easy DIY decorating and kids crafts.  Here are pictured tutorials on how to make clothespin dolls, clothespin wreaths and decor, homemade gifts and even some educational clothespin games for kids.Kids Activities Using Craft Supplies

54.  LEGO Friendship Bracelets {Kids Crafts} ~ These LEGO friendship bracelets are a super fun craft idea for the LEGO enthusiast! Easy enough to make and will be fun to give out to their besties! All you need are LEGOS, embroidery thread and a drill to drill the holes!Kids Activities Using Craft Supplies

55.  Dinosaur Pipe Cleaner Toys {Kids Crafts} ~ I love pipe cleaners–there are a million kids crafts you can do with them! They come in tons of colors, are cheap and readily available at your local craft or dollar store. This is a great make-anytime activity that you can do with minimal preparation. Pull this one out next time your kid says she’s bored, or on a rainy day.Kids Activities Using Craft Supplies

56.  Yarn Dolls {Easy Craft} ~ Yarn dolls are a simple and easy craft, perfect for using up that tiny bit of yarn left over from a project that isn’t really enough to be knit up into something else. This project is great for young children, allowing them to be creative without a big expense. Plus, wouldn’t these little dolls be so adorable dressed in outfits from the hobby store?

Coloring Pages for Kids

Free coloring pages for kids that you can print out and use as a game at a party or as a quick afternoon activity.Coloring Pages

57.  20 Free Coloring Pages For Kids {printable} ~ Looking for coloring activities for kids?  Then you’re in luck because the Tip Junkie Printables site has a lot more than just party printables and organizational worksheets, there also tons of fun free coloring pages for kids!Coloring Pages

58.  Easter Coloring Pages ~ Great for keeping the kids busy while you prepare dinner, they can color these free Easter coloring pages.  Includes a sign they can post on the front door or turn into a greeting card and a blank sheet of Easter eggs they can “decorate”.

Chore Charts

How to make chore charts for kids to help teach responsibility and self-reliance.Chore Chart

59.  Chore Chart System ~ Don’t let keeping the kids on task be your most difficult task! Here is an easy chore system that includes free printable chore charts, as well as work for hire & chore of the week sheets!Chore Chart

60.  Printable Chore Chart ~ This chore chart is designed to be printed, placed in a page protector (or laminated) and filled and and checked off with dry erase markers so you can re-use it over and over.

History and Geography Activities

How to make history and geography more fun using these pictured tutorials.History and Geography

61.  USA Map Jigsaw Puzzle {Geography} ~ Here is a fun way to learn the states within the United States. Great because it can be used in different ways for different ages! All you have to do is print and cut out if you desire! Easy Peasy!Geography and History

62.  Handprints Around the World Art Project {Art} ~ This art project is great because not only is it a fun art project, but it also gives you a chance to talk about people and cultures around the world. Perfect if you homeschool to cover art and geography, or just a fun way to occupy an afternoon. Great for a wide range of ages!Geography Lessons

63.  Simple Ways to Teach Geography {Geography} ~ Teaching children about different cultures and far way lands can be both fun and educational with these simple ideas! From just giving your child a globe to making and trying foods from another culture, they’ll get a fun dose of a geography lesson!

Encouragement and Affirmations

Letters of encouragement and other positive reinforcement ideas for parents and teachers of children.Encouraging Phrases

64.  Words of Encouragement for Your Kids {Parenting} ~ I don’t know about you, but there are somedays I feel like a rock star mom and others I could use some helpful ideas! This is a parenting resource, with an article on encouraging words and statements. Great for the good and bad days, and good and bad situations!Words of Encouragement

65.  Free Positive Thoughts Poster {Free Printables} ~ This free printable Positive Thoughts Poster would be fun to hang in your kids rooms so they can see it on a day they need a little bit of encouragement.  It would also be a sweet gift for a friend that could use a little pick me up.Words of Encouragement

66.  Encouraging Card Set {Online Printable Cards} ~ These colorful cards all carry words of encouragement that are perfect for your child’s lunchbox or to leave anonymously as an act of kindness on your coworkers desk.  Print them out and keep them handy. You never know when someone will need a kind word.

Letters and Phonics Activities

Letters and Phonics

67.  Easter Egg Learning Games {Easter Egg Games} ~ If you are looking for some fun ways to bring a little Spring into your homeschooling or preschool routine, check out these 10 Easter egg learning games.  You can use the fun plastic eggs to learn letters, numbers, practice memory skills and even problem solving.Alphabet Flashcards

68.  Alphabet Flashcards {Learning Letters} ~ These adorable alphabet flashcards will make learning letters fun.  They can also work overtime in a frame on your nursery wall.Alphabet Flash Cards

69.  Printable Alphabet Flash Cards ~ Learn all 26 letters of the alphabet with these free printable flash cards.Vocabulary Flash Cards

70.  Sight Word Flash Cards ~  Not only are we hooking you up with some darling free printable sight word cards, but also 25 fun ways to use them with your kids!  I just adore free printable games that also help educate.

71.  Vocabulary Flash Cards ~ A printable set of 16 cards which include: water, rain, cloud, rainbow, fire, air, plants, mud, earth, sun, moon, stars, ice, snow, stone, wind.

Free Games and Puzzles

How to make games and puzzles for kids.Puzzles and Games

72.  Geometric Art Puzzle {School Age} ~ This geometric art puzzle is a fun and easy craft for to encourage mathematical skills in school age children. As an alternative to a floor puzzle, apply Velcro to the back of each square and then mount them onto the wall as a movable art piece for hours of fun.Games and Puzzles

73.  Ultimate Lego Table {Games and Puzzles} ~ This is not just any lego table it is the ultimate lego table for serious lego lovers! {wink} Made from a simple kids table, lego base plates and gorilla glue! Add a few storage accessories and you have a perfect table to let your kids go wild playing on and a place to store all the pieces once their done!Games and Puzzles

74.  Origami Cube Tutorial {Simple Origami} ~ These simple origami cubes are addictive because they assemble like a puzzle. Kids love these simple origami cubes – both creating them and playing with them. They’re lightweight and great for stacking or creating designs with.DIY Puzzle

75.  Toddler Emotion Puzzle ~ Here are some cute printable faces that you can cut into puzzles for your young toddlers. Not only will it refine their senses, but you can teach them about different emotions as well. I love the soft color scheme of this adorable artwork.

Fine Motor Skills

Help build fine motor skills using these resources in kids.Fine Motor Skills

76.  Teaching Fine Motor Skills with Buttons {Fine Motor Skills} ~ Using buttons and long spaghetti noodles you’ll create a game and a lesson in fine motor skills thanks to this great post! A great way to make learning skills like gentleness fun. Perfect for toddlers to preschoolers!Fine Motor Skills

77.  Fine Motor Skill Activities {Motor Skills} ~ This is a great post featuring several great ideas for activities your child can do to work on their fine motor skills. All the activities will to help build strength and dexterity in the finger and hand muscles. Perfect for the child with autism or special needs.

Fine Motor Skills

78.  Toothpicks & Spice Jars {Project for Toddlers} ~ This project for toddlers it a great exercise to help refine fine motor skills. This is also an inexpensive project and can be created with everyday items you find around your home.Fine Motor Skills

79.  Q-Tip Painting Project {Fine Motor Skills} ~ Here is a fun way to exercise your child’s fine motor skills! These Q-Tip painting projects are great because not only do they serve a function but they’ll also look great hanging on the fridge and to keep as memorabilia!

Gross Motor Skills

Help build gross motor skills by using these free patterns and tutorials.Gross Motor Skills

80.  Colored Tape Activities for Kids {Gross Motor Skills} ~ This is a great way to multi-task with your kids, using different colors of tape you can create different line patterns for your kids to follow. Perfect to take up an afternoon with activities that they’ll enjoy while also working on their gross motor skills!

Gross Motor Skills

81.  Cardboard Play Tunnel {Gross Motor Skills} ~ This is a super fun activity to set up for your ready to crawl baby! All you’ll need is a large cardboard box and some tights! Create the play tunnel with the help of this tutorial, then sit back and watch your baby explore and develop without even knowing its helping with their gross motor skills! {score}Balloon Games

82.  Balloon Ping Pong ~ This super fun ping pong game is perfect for indoor boredom busters or even as a party game.  Simply attach paper plates to popsicle sticks/tongue depressors and blow up balloons.

Pictured Schedules for Kid Routines

A structured environment is key when raising children.  Feel free to adapt any of theschedules for kid routines that will better suit your child.Kids Scheduled Routines

83.  Kids Magnetic Reward & Punishment Magnet Chore Chart ~ Create a chore chart for each of your kids that includes their morning routine, chores, homework, band practice, baths, etc. This way the boys would be in charge of their own calendar and know what to expect each day.Children's Daily Routine

84.  Toddler Chore Chart {free printable} ~ With the simple, chic design of this free printable chore chart, you will be proud to display it on your fridge.  Perfect for getting the younger kids into a helpful routine while the older ones are at school.Daily Routines

85.  Teaching Daily Routines {Picture Schedules} ~ Whether you have a child with special needs or not, the picture schedule is a great tool to teach children a daily routine! This post features a printable version that is actual pictures of various daily activities that you can personalize to your child’s routine. A great way to teach not only a daily schedule but also over time help with their literacy skills!Daily Schedule Pictures

86.  Daily Schedule Pictures ~ If you have a visual child, using these pictures on their schedule will help them learn to become more independent.  I used them for a Daily Schedule which I made and laminated for use on the refrigerator, but there are many ways you can use them for your children.

Developmental Activities

How to make developmental homemade toys with pictured tutorials.Developmental Activities

87.  Baby Toy Blanket with Velcro Loops ~ The baby blanket has pocket for small books and toy and little velcro loops around the edges which prevents the toys from falling onto the floor.  Perfect for airplane rides, restaurants, church, etc.Developmental Activities

88.  DIY Olliblocks {Homemade Toys for Toddlers} ~ Here is a great printable and tutorial on how to create a super fun playtime block set! Perfect for the girl or boy toddler in your home. Could even make a lovely Christmas or Birthday Present!Developmental Activities

89.  Sensory Story Box – Mole’s in Love {Sensory} ~ Turn a story into a sensory box like this example for the book, Mole’s in Love by David Bedford.  It’s the story of Morris, the mole, who goes looking for love and has some trouble finding it. This story sensory box encourages children to learn the elements of the story like characters, setting, problems, and solutions.Developmental Activities

90.  Five Activities for Your 15 Month Old {Sensory Activities} ~ This post gives you five different activities to do with your fifteen-month old son or daughter! Each meant to be both fun and a means to clam the tornado that most fifteen months are! All the activities use things you probably already have around the house. Fun, educational and inexpensive play!

Dolls & Stuffed Animals

How to make dolls and stuffed animals with how-to ideas to make homemade toys for your children.

91.  Felt Bullseye Softie ~ For Christmas, I made my son a soft Bullseye Toy to go with his Woody doll from Toy Story.  You can obviously buy Bullseye, but this one was inexpensive, (using scraps I had) and the legs have wire in them so Bullseye can actually stand on his own.Homemade Paper Dolls

92.  DIY Magnetic Paper Dolls {Sewing & Fabric Projects} ~ Looking for a fun project to create with or for your kiddos? This is a great tutorial on how to make magnetic paper dolls or whatever characters your kids are in to! Then how-to sew a simple cover to keep it altogether when the kids aren’t playing with it.Handmade Doll Clothes

93.  Reversible Wrap Skirt ~ Free pattern to make a reversible wrap skirt for an American Girl or 18? doll. Makes a super cute skirt. The one shown is a holiday skirt, but it could be made for any style. This skirt is really easy and quick to make.Developmental Toys

94.  Collapsible Doll House ~ Believe it or not, this little dollhouse collapses into a flat book. This make it a great toy for travel, or for those who are tight on storage space. She also has great ideas for making furniture and accessories, like turning an air freshener into a lamp – so cute!

Musical Toys

How to make musical homemade toys with pictured tutorials.Musical Toys

95.  Homemade Musical Instruments {Music & Instruments} ~ This is an easy way to keep your kids occupied and teach them music appreciation at the same time! All you’ll need are some cans, balloons and some fillers! You’ll create a bongo, rice shaker & güiro!Musical Toys

96.  DIY Musical Instruments {Educational} ~ We all know how important it is to teach our children about music, and these educational instruments will help make teaching rhythm easy. Children will also love the opportunity to help make their own instruments before practicing their beats.Music Toys

97.  Tot Tools – Musical Instruments {Cool Crafts} ~ Make homemade instruments for preschoolers and toddler with this simple cool crafts tutorial. Children and students will love to explore the different sounds each instrument makes and will spend hours creating their own music. These cool crafts are easy to make allowing older children to help build their own instruments.

Musical Toys

98.  Handmade Instruments {Homemade Toys} ~ Make these homemade toys instruments with simple supplies from around your house. You children will love making music with instruments they helped make.

Memory Games

How to make memories games with free printable memory cards to play as a family, play group, or play date.DIY Memory Game

99.  Felt Flashcards and Memory Game {Activities for Kids} ~ Any mom can tell you that the traditional number and letter card stock flashcards for kids last about 2 days before they are torn and dirty.  But these felt flashcards will hold up to a lot more kid interaction and are also a lot cuter.  Make a second set and use them for matching games.  They even have grommets so they can be stored on a key ring and prevent one of the numbers from getting lost.Memory Games

100.  Wooden Photo Memory Game ~ Create this personalized photo matching game using wooden discs and family photographs.  A great game for traveling or keep a set at Grandma’s house to keep playtime fun.Memory Games

101.  Robot Memory Game DIY {Memory Games} ~ Here is a great memory game DIY project that is so simple! All you do is download a free font, type out the robot characters, print and cut! Easy peasy! Bonus if your little guy or gal loves robots!Memory Game

102.  Shapes + Colors Memory Game {Fun Games} ~ Here is a simple and fun game to help toddlers with little hands learn their shapes and colors. This is a simple and quick project that will bring your children hours of educational fun.

Skill and Aim

How to make these activities for children to help them master their skill and aim during play time.Skill and Aim

103.  Learning to Pour The Fun Way {Skill and Aim} ~ Learning to pour with accuracy is a good skill to work on with our kids. This post features a way to make this object lesson fun! All you need is a good weathered day, cups and a pitcher of water! A perfect way to have educational fun with your toddler!Balloon Shooter104.  Marshmallow Shooter ~ Kids will love to practice their aiming skills with this challenging cool craft. This craft could be created with marshmallows or pom-poms, as is the perfect boredom buster during spring break.Balloon Crafts

105.  How to Make Juggling Balls ~ Make these do-it-yourself juggling balls from balloons and rice. It’s a fun family craft that helps kids learn a new skill, juggling!

Science Projects

How to make science based activities for kids that will entertain and educate.Science Projects

106.  Mad Scientist Treat {Kids Food Craft} ~ These mad scientist treats made from lime jello jigglers and gummy worms are the perfect party food for science loving boys and girls, but also a great project to get them into the kitchen and having fun.Science Project

107.  Easter Egg Geodes ~ This fun Easter egg project can double as an art project and a science experiment.  Turn your hollowed out Easter eggs into crystal geodes that are not only interesting but beautiful.  Melissa’s Easter egg geode tutorial will walk you through how to make your own with your kids.Science Projects

108.  Make Your Own Rock Candy {Candy Crafts} ~ Rock candy isn’t just a fun edible craft project, it is an edible science project as well.  And you know there aren’t many of those!  Toys in the Dryer will walk you through how to make rock candy with your kids.Weather Balloon

109.  Balloon Science Experiment ~ Your kids will love this science experiment! With the help of baking soda and vinegar the balloon inflates, leaving you with a fun toy and a great hands on learning experience! She even gives you the science behind it, so your afternoon play time is also educational! Thanks Ladies! I just adore these ideas! Feel free to grab my “I was featured on Tip Junkie” blog button. You earned it! {knuckle bumps}

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St Patricks Day

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109 Fun Spring Break Activities for Children {boredom busters} – Tip Junkie.

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